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Get to Know Amir


How did you learn to invest?

I am a self-educated investor who has had several mentors throughout the years. I began trading in my early twenties, and since then, collectively, I have spent thousands of hours educating myself on the world of investing.


What is your investing style?

I would describe it as meticulous, disciplined, analysis and research driven, while focusing on timing and value.


How do you stay informed of the market?

I usually start my mornings listening to and reading the latest news, and throughout each day, until the market closes, I actively monitor more than 250 companies.


What are your returns on investments?

To date, my portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500, earning an average annual return of 38%, with triple digit returns in the last year.


What are your investing goals?

Achieving financial independence and freedom through passive income streams.


Why did you create the Investing 101 online course?

Investing is not as inaccessible, complicated, or complex as it has been made out to be.


Without access to quality education and affordable guidance most of us are discouraged from investing independently, prefer to let others manage or own our investments, or are not making the most of our investments.


I believe that with the right education and guidance, anyone with the desire to achieve financial independence and freedom, should be able to invest, trade, and grow their money.


And so, I created this course with the goal of empowering others to invest independently, take ownership of their investments and money, and achieve financial independence and freedom.

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