Amir Alinaghian

Investing & Money Mentor

Toronto, Canada | Available to meet

Get to know Amir

Hello! My name is Amir Alinaghian, and I'm an Investing & Money Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada.


My main areas of focus and expertise are investing, business strategy, consulting, and product management. 


Over the last five years, I have mentored 450+ university students, MBA grads and professionals; consulted 60+ clients, ranging from start-ups in South America to enterprises in North America; and advised more than 20 leaders and founders.


I have also worked as a Product Manager, Consultant, and International Development Champion for some of the biggest companies and non-profit organizations in the world, including Deloitte, Oracle, Kijiji, Manulife, and Global Brigades.

Investing & Trading

1:1 Mentorship Session (online)

5 hours

$200 per Session

Topics Covered in the Session

Building an investment portfolio based on your financial goals and investor persona

How to independently manage and grow your investment portfolio

Finding the right brokerage or investing account

How to screen stocks, perform technical analysis, and determine buy/sell prices

Analyzing market research, 10k reports, and company fundamentals

Identifing market trends, business cycles, and investor reactions

Outcome of the Session

A tailored investment portfolio built for you

Set of portfolio management strategies that you can use daily

A tax & fee efficient action plan for your investment accounts

You will know when to buy/sell and how to manage your portfolio

You will be able to independently screen, analyze and trade stocks

Startups & Business Strategy

1:1 Mentorship Session (online)

1 hour

$50 per Session

Topics Covered in the Session

Business models and value proposition

Product design and Product-Market fit

Go-to-Market and product launch

Product growth and sales strategies

Leadership, brand, and culture

Outcome of the Session

An action plan made for you based on the topics discussed together.

Product Management Careers & Interviews

1:1 Mentorship Session (online)

1 hour

$30 per Session

Topics Covered in the Session

Resume and cover letter analysis

Career plan development

Goals for your career and education

Interview prep and mock-questions

Outcome of the Session

Polished resume and cover letter

Product Management career roadmap

Interview strategies, case studies, and practice

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Investing 101

November 29, 2023 at 7:00PM (EST)

Live Online Workshop

$20 (CAD)

In this 2-hour online workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of investing, trading, and how to manage your investment portfolio.

Amir Alinaghian

Toronto, Canada


Please reach out if you have any questions, or simply wish to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!

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