Baraa Fattal

Sales Professional & Mentor

Toronto, Canada | Available to meet

Get to know Baraa

Hello! My name is Baraa Fattal, and I'm a Sales Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada and the Founder of B&C Consulting.


I'm an experienced sales professional with a proven track record in sales, who is passionate about helping start-ups grow their local and international sales.


Over the years, I've helped clients generate leads, take products to market, build sales funnels, and increase sales.


As an entrepreneur, my partners and I have established a strong foothold on international trade with trade partnerships in over 10 countries, and growing.

Sales Growth & Development

1:1 Mentorship Session (online)

1 hour

$90 per Session

Topics Covered in the Session

Product launch and Go-to-Market strategy

Sales Funnel development and lead generation

Negotiation process, rejection handling, and closing deals

Scaling sales operations and teams

Outcome of the Session

An action plan made for you based on the topics discussed together.

Struggling to Generate Leads?

I will work closely with you to help you and your team generate and manage leads using the latest in lead generation and management strategies.

Can't get your products to the market? 

I will work with you to prepare the launch of your product, help you execute the launch, and ensure a strong market presence for your company. You can rest easy knowing that your products will reach your customers.

Looking to build a sales funnel?

I will help you build an indestructible sales funnel for your company in the shortest time possible! I will also train your team to efficiently manage each segment of the sales funnel ensuring the longevity of the sales funnel post consultation.

Have leads but struggling to close sales?

I can help! I will test your sales team to identify the weak points and then train them to ensure that your team is lifted up to the best standards. I'll also help you maintain your sales team’s motivations and drive month-to- month ensuring a rise in sales.

Looking to scale your sales? 

I will conduct a complete audit of your company’s current sales practices and will work on increasing the efficiency of the internal processes to ensure your company's success!

So, what are you waiting for?

Baraa Fattal

Toronto, Canada


Please reach out if you have any questions, or simply wish to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!

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