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Therapy & Counseling

Carlos Curiel

Psychotherapist & Counselor

Hi, my name is Carlos Curiel, and I'm an Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapist, Counselor, and Music Therapist based out of Madrid, Spain.


If you're experiencing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, or just want to explore your emotions and relationships, lets talk about what's happening and identify the right support for you.


Lauren Wolanski

Public Speaking & Communication Coach

Hello, my name is Lauren Wolanski, and I'm a Public Speaking & Communication Consultant and Professional Coach based out of Toronto, Canada. 


I help clients become confident and compelling speakers, communicators and leaders. I have worked with professionals across a wide variety of companies including Instacart, Intact Insurance, JAAG Properties, Scotiabank, Shaw Media, Roseland Group and Rogers. 

Andrew O'Malley

Performance & Life Coach

Hi, my name is Andrew O'Malley, and I'm a Performance & Life Coach based out of Montreal, Canada.


Leveraging nearly 10 years of experience studying the human brain, my approach as a Performance & Life Coach helps clients unlearn old beliefs and habits, and dial in on the actions that drive positive results in their lives and businesses.

Shafaq Tirmizi

Mindset Success Coach

Hello, my name is Shafaq Tirmizi, and I'm a Certified Mindset Success Coach & Strategist based out of Toronto, Canada. 


Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond to situations. My job is to give you the knowledge, tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Kalil Magtoto

Videography & Digital Media Coach

Hey, my name is Kalil Magtoto, and I'm a Professional Videographer, Creative Content Strategist, and Coach based out of Canada.


Whether you’re already making videos or are heavily considering starting, my objective is to help you unlock and unleash your full creative potential with video as the main medium.


Amir Alinaghian

Investing & Money Mentor

Hi, my name is Amir Alinaghian, and I'm an Investing & Business Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada.


Over the last five years, I have mentored 400+ university students, MBA grads and professionals; consulted 60+ clients, ranging from start-ups in South America to enterprises in North America; and advised more than 20 founders.

Baraa Fattal

Business & Sales Mentor

Hey, my name is Baraa Fattal, and I'm a Sales Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada, and the Founder of B&C Consulting.


I'm an experienced sales professional with a proven track record in sales, who is passionate about helping start-ups grow their sales. Over the years, I've helped clients generate leads, take products to market, build sales funnels, and increase sales.

Nima Tahami

Product & Design Mentor

Hello, my name is Nima Tahami, and I'm a Design Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada.


I have over 10 years of experience in both designing and developing dozens of mobile & web apps for clients. My goal is to create beautiful and useful products, while teaching & inspiring others to become the best designers they can be.

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