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Ontario, Canada | Available to meet

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Hey there! How’s it going? My name is Kalil Magtoto, and I'm a Professional Videographer, Communications Specialist, Creative Content Strategist, and Coach based out of Canada.


I strive to tell stories and captivate audiences.


My core competencies revolve around top of the line content creation and marketing + promotion. I enjoy all facets of creating captivating content and, when paired with my longstanding technical expertise in video creation, motion graphics, and audio editing, I can take difficult to digest ideas and make things that push people into action.

Ideas come from experience, stimuli, and constant expression.


I regularly churn out ideas in a wide range of fields and disciplines, and I've always needed outlets to take action and experiment. From this extensive body of work I’ve devised a plethora of learning methods. I’ve learned from the best of the best in the industry throughout the years, and this has empowered me to learn difficult creative techniques much faster than the average person.


Now, I’m taking everything I’ve learned, packaging it up for you, and coaching you through the entire process!

I'm thankful for all of the opportunities and recognition that have come my way. Here are some of the things I’ve been honored to receive over the years:

Best director, best film, and audience choice award at the ACOMM Project Motion Film Festival in 2016

Featured short film in Talk! Talk! Korea's culture and media competition

Keynote speaker at the Autodesk ASEAN design conference and recipient of Autodesk's Student Expert certification

Featured in Marketing in Asia, CBC News, and Globe Change

Business award for Social Responsibility at Enderun's Next Bright Idea competition

Videography Coaching

1:1 Coaching Session (online)

3 Sessions in Total (1 hour per Session)


Whether you’re already making videos or are heavily considering starting, my objective is to help you unlock and unleash your full creative potential with video as the main medium.

Things we’ll be focusing on during each session:

Well, it’ll be whatever you need from me! I’m here to serve you, and that takes perfectly tailored insights based on the answers you provide me in our initial FREE coaching session.


Think of it this way, my success is directly tied to your growth and how much I know about you and your work. To achieve that, I create very specific plans to map out your trajectory and help you reach your goals.

By the end of each session you will receive:

A summarized document of our call with all of the resources outlined

The full transcript and recording of what we discussed so that you can learn to break down calls for yourself

A motivational pep-talk to get you in action 

If you want a concrete breakdown, we will be:

Identifying your primary goals and challenges as a video creator and business person

Figuring out if you want motivation, technical information, or both

Auditing your existing video content and producing action items for the recommended areas of improvement

Devise a customized plan for long term goals as a video creator

Discussing resources for the tools you need to invest in, the various online creators to follow, who not to follow, and books that will help you grow even more.

No existing video content? No Problem!

I can send you a mock-client to create a concept video of before our first session, or we can use the first session to plan out your first video. I will help you figure out what kind of content you should focus on practicing and where your learning time is best spent.


I coach hundreds of creative professionals with their videos. My goal is to help you to stand out, set up sustainable creative habits, and optimize your video creation workflow.

By the end of any lecture, coaching session, or quick conversation, you will come out with a renewed perspective on how to make better and more effective videos and a detailed execution plan to elevate your work.


From working in digital media agencies, to running large video productions, teaching hundreds of University students, and leading the biggest beginner hackathon in North America... I know what it takes to not only create videos but also to teach and coach in a way that pushes you to action.

I believe in my work, I believe in the processes I’ve created, and I can teach you what it takes to set yourself apart.


Making an excellent video is no easy task, but the process can be made simpler, smoother, and much quicker with practice.

People from a broad range of backgrounds come to me for advice and mentorship because they are already aware of the time, money, and work they have to put in to become great videographers. You will not benefit from my services if you are not willing to put in what you want to get out.

Think of yourself as an aspiring athlete who needs a coach to get to the next level. As your coach, I’ll train you into an all-star.

Take your videos to the next level!

Clients I've worked with

Some of the work I've done

So, what are you waiting for?

Kalil Magtoto

Ontario, Canada


Please reach out if you have any questions, or simply wish to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!

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