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Amir Alinaghian

Investing & Money Mentor

Hi, my name is Amir Alinaghian, and I'm an Investing & Business Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada.

Over the last five years, I have mentored 400+ university students, MBA grads and professionals; consulted 60+ clients, ranging from start-ups in South America to enterprises in North America.

Baraa Fattal

Business & Sales Mentor

Hey, my name is Baraa Fattal, and I'm a Sales Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada, and the Founder of B&C Consulting.

I'm an experienced sales professional with a proven track record in sales, who is passionate about helping start-ups grow their sales. Over the years, I've helped clients generate leads, take products to market, build sales funnels, and increase sales.

Nima Tahami

Product & Design Mentor

Hello, my name is Nima Tahami, and I'm a Design Mentor based out of Toronto, Canada.

I have over 10 years of experience in both designing and developing dozens of mobile & web apps for clients. My goal is to create beautiful and useful products, while teaching & inspiring others to become the best designers they can be.

Sophia Ramos

Digital Marketing & Strategy Mentor

Hi, my name is Sophia Ramos, and I'm a Digital Marketing & Strategy Mentor based out of Spain and Panama.

I have been in the digital marketing world for more than a decade, helping hundreds of clients and brands realize their marketing potential and build digital ecosystems. 

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